Are your professional Mobile Communications Secure ?


Secure easily and in a few clicks,
all your calls, messages, web navigation and network connections

‘Post-Snowden’ world awakes news challenges with mobility

BYOD has a strong impact within Firms
BYOD “Bring Your Own Device” has significantly changed the way we communicate. According to recent surveys in 2017, 67% of employees in the world use their personal devices (laptops, phones, tablets) at work.
Increasing risks outside of the workplace
… and outside as well. Globalization has a great influence on travel, which means increasing risks for secure communications over mobiles. Among others, export companies are increasingly exposed to cyber spying. Especially with public wifi at hotels, cyber attacks on mobiles, and wiretapping.

Professional exchanges need to be immediate



Encrypted web navigation

Encrypted calls

Encrypted instant messaging

Encrypted network connections


Multi-device and OS

Easy set up with one-time QR Code

User-friendly solution with
secure real time invitation

You and your contacts are secure : Easily and Quickly

Invite your contact

Your contact installs SquareWay in a few clicks and sets up a secure and private connection between both parties

You are ready to communicate in full security and confidentiality


Is SquareWay offer available worldwide ?

Yes, with SquareWay, you are able to secure your mobile professional data anywhere, with no additional cost.

Are the data flows of my contacts protected as well ?
Yes, as soon as you exchange with your contacts via SquareWay the data of both your smartphone and your contacts are fully encrypted.
Is my data stored ?
No, all your actions are deleted in order to respect your privacy whatever communication means : calls, web browsing, instant messaging.

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